My FEDup™Rant: The Top 5 Reasons Why Girl Scouts Are Better Fundraisers Than the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) Telethon

2 Girl Scout cookies that say I Am A Go Getter and I Am a Leader

If these were MDA cookies, they’d say, “I’m half a person,” and “I wish I weren’t me.”

I’m FEDUP with the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) Telethon. Unlike other disability groups, it’s still teaching children with neuromuscular diseases (NMDs) that their role in fundraising is to perform their disabilities and/or be treated as passive props in an ableist play. There are better ways to involve all children. Example: The Girl Scouts’ cookie sales.

z The Top 5 Reasons Why Girl Scouts Are Better Fundraisers Than the Muscular Dystrophy Assn’s (MDA)Telethon5.  Selling cookies is an age-appropriate fundraising activity, just as it was for me as an 8 year old Girl Scout. Versus MDA putting even younger children on television to have their medical status be talked about and possibly misrepresented.

4.  A cookie in hand is better than (more than) two decades of promises of cures in the indeterminate future.

3.  Girl Scouts tell people that cookie sales help girls go on camping trips that are about having fun with all different sorts of peers. MDA presents their camp as one week of certain children finally being with their own kind after 51 other weeks of a wretched existence and no future.

2.  Being a Girl Scout made me feel like I belonged with girls who weren’t necessarily like me – a girl in a Milwaukee back-brace who couldn’t walk much – whether it was by sharing the cookie sales or camping together.

1. Girl Scouts don’t say, “Please buy some cookies because being a girl makes me half a person,” or “Buy my cookies or I might die.”

Parody Girl Scout cookie with picture of Tagalongs aka peanut butter patties: You-don't-belongs. Also known as peanut butter pities, this is the cookie that stays where it belongs - in its house! MDA celebrates National Disabilty Employment Access Month (NDEAM) with these irony-free treats that remind us, "My kids cannot go into the workplace." You-don't-belongs are crispy cookies layered with peanut butter, which is the closest MDA has come to fighting against the subminimum wage that pays disabled people peanuts...while its CEO earns +$500K per year. #EndTheTelethonParody Girl Scout cookie image altered to read I AM HALF A PERSON. Text: Meantwell Mints The cookie with a message! That MDA meant well wen its fundraising taught disabled kids to say, "I'm half a person." Meantwell Mints are our round, mint-flavored cookies with a delicious chocolatey coating...though that chocolatey coating is not yet on the cookies. But we promise it's just around the corner! #EndTheTelethon

Bottom line:  The Girl Scouts know kids go better with cookies than crying. In everything, including fundraising.

Bonus! Go here for “Stuff I Know As a Fundraiser Who Has Muscular Dystrophy and Why It’s (Past) Time for MDA to #EndTheTelethon”


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