TryHarder™ Magazine: The So You Wanna Use the R-Word for Comedic Effect Issue

TryHarder™ Magazine: The Magazine for People Who Need to Try Harder, 2 centsIssue No. 4: The It’s Not Just That You Used a Slur, It’s That You Doubled-Down on Your Offensive Language Edition

In which The Crip responds to a Daily Kos writer’s post and subsequent comments America’s Next Top Jackhole, Louis CK, who ordinarily one would have thought came from was Republican author, given the writer’s intransigence to making a change that was so easy, obvious, and respectful. would shut the fuck up, in general, and definitely about disabled people, in particular.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone (Me) Knows You Never Use the R-Word in a Careless and Lazy Fashion and Also Just Don’t Use It

1. Presumably, you want people to respond to the actual topic of your article, which you’ll notice I’m not doing.

2 cents symbolI’m a disabled person who loved Tropic Thunder and your post, sir, was no Tropic Thunder. That movie created an entire comic world to support the risk that came with using the r-word.

You, on the other hand, merely swiped a punchline that was not only unnecessary to making a point in your article but that erased its value by using a slur.

Also, Tropic Thunder came out in 2008, more than 10 years ago. A number of word-things are different now, as any conversation with my younger relatives reminds me. Are you putting lipstick on a pig at this current time? Chatting about the Octo-Mom?

Also, many disabled people hated Tropic Thunder in 2008, just as they hate it now. If you’ve lost me on this — and you have –you don’t have a chance.

2. If you’re going to punch down, choose your targets wisely. Florida, for example. Better yet, punch up.

2 cents symbolI enjoy all kinds of edgy humor but that doesn’t mean I’d slip a context-free quote from, say, Strangers With Candy into just any article.

3. Usage changes. Deal with it.

2 cents symbolI must applaud you for your fearless refusal to remember that there are lots of words used in lots of movies over lots of years — words that you somehow chose not to use. I’m sure it had nothing to do with an assumption that there’s a general powerlessness associated with the r-word.

4. Cheap shots waste language’s richness.

2 cents symbolTo quote, well, myself:

Stop using a disability label when you’re calling out a failure of character….Instead, you could use more appropriate terminology like: jackhole, hateful, traitor, obnoxious, lying, scurrilous, mendacious, quarrelsome, peevish, pussilanimous, cowardly, craven, viperous, ratsbane, toady, or greedy.

Language is rich. Don’t use it to take cheap shots at disabled people.

5. It will make me go full-Malcolm Tucker.

2 cents symbolAllow me to pop a jaunty little bonnet on what’s well within your purview.

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