Secrets of the Crip: Transhuman Edition

Thanks to Regan Brashear’s film FIXED, I was part of a UCSF diversity-month panel where I indoctrina — excuse me, talked to — medical students/researchers, nurses, and physical therapists about the social model of disability and my general reaction to new “human enhancements.” (As I’ve said before, I’m more old-school when it comes to enhancements — and a HUGE fan of coffee, wheelchairs, Harrington rods, BiPAPs, and orthodontics.)

Here is what I consider a key question in any discussion about human enhancements and how I answer it.

PS My one regret is that I didn’t appear in my full-on and most glorious transhuman form. PPS I’ve seen FIXED 3x now and encourage folks to see it NOW.

Q: As a woman with a disability, what would you want medical providers to keep in mind with regard to the devices like the ones showcased in FIXED, and how they potentially relate to stigma?

Crip Secret #1: Function ≠ Dignity. Ability ≠ Worth. Healthy ≠ Happy

Crip Secret #2: Disability = Vulnerability. Vulnerability + Life = Normal

Crip Secret #3: If healthcare system not FIXED = Too few pwd FIXED

Many thanks to UCSF’s Lisa Meeks, Bruce Flynn, and Elisa Laird-Metke!

Originally posted on October 21, 2014


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